Thursday, October 2, 2014

Revealing Hashem Through the Esrog

הלכות יום כפור ב:ג

Our sages state that through the concept of "a crying maiden" does one merit a beautiful esrog.  The crying maiden relates to the idea of drawing down da'as to one's heart and body, meaning that one's deeds should be greater than his wisdom.  Through this the revelation of Hashem's Kingship is achieved.  Again, this occurs because malchus and the esrog are connected.  Furthermore, through what is mentioned above one draws down da'as to all six directions of the body...this permits a person to strive to do mitzvos and good deeds without any sophistication whatsoever.  And, by serving Hashem without any sophistication the ultimate revelation of Hashem's Kingship is achieved.  This is all through the splendor and beauty of the esrog.

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