Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Waiting in the Bush

הלכות ראש השנה ו:א
("The Blooming Ram" by Joan Miro)

The root of the power of the shofar on Rosh Hashannah is its relation to the shofar of the ram of Yitzchak. The ram of Yitzchak, which is the secret of the shofar, exists and is drawn down into the world only by the merits of those who pray, search, ask, and scream out to Hashem - those who ask, "Where (איה) is Your place of glory?" We see in the passage relating the Binding of Yitzchak that only after Yitzchak asked, "Where is the sacrificial lamb?" (Bereishis 22:7) did the ram actually come into being, so it could be offered upon the alter.  But, before this moment its horns were tangled up in a thorn bush.

Reb Noson is describing a fundamental idea in relating to Hashem during a time of distress.  The antidote to the poisons we've ingested are ready to be put to use.  But, it's up to us to call out to Him and ask for help. When we find ourselves in a bind our first move is to try to figure everything out on our own.  But, inevitably we see that we are unable to accomplish what we've set out to do.  The only thing left, which should have been the first step in the first place, is to call out to Hashem.  This is what Hashem wants from the beginning, but He is waiting for us to first ask where He is.  "Where is Your place of glory?" If it is here, then where are the yeshuos? At that moment Hashem reveals that where you're standing is the place of His glory, and suddenly the horns are untangled, the ram is put to use, and the tikun is complete.

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