Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nachas HaShulchan Exclusive: Giving Strength to Holiness Through One's Clothing

שלחן ערוך, אורח חיים ב:ג

One should be particular to put on his garment as it is meant [to be worn], so as not to turn it inside-out.

("Joseph's Coat" by Shoshannah Brombacher)

הלכות לבישת בגדים
When a Torah scholar studies Torah he gives strength to the Kingdom of Holiness and thereby binds the letters chet and nun creating the word chen [grace]. Therefore, he must be very careful to make sure that his garment is not inside-out.  He must also be sure to wear shoes, for as our Sages explain, “ [the state of] one’s tefilln; [such is the state of] one’s shoes.”  After one is unable to receive the light of the intellect and the mind, which is a concept of the tefillin, via the letter nun, which is symbolic of malchus and one’s clothing, one must then be extremely careful with regards to the clothing he wears, particularly one’s shoes.   This is because the shoes are worn on the heel, which corresponds to lower spiritual levels.  This is the main place from where the evil kingdom of Esav is able to grasp [and draw its nourishment].

[From the precise details of the halachos pertaining to something as seemingly mundane as getting dressed] one is able to understand and see that everything has profound meaning and a great and holy reason behind it.  One must be very meticulous to do everything according to the [instructions and guidance] of the holy Torah.

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