Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nachas HaShulchan: Resurrection Every Morning

נחת השלחן: דין ברכת אשר יצר

(Painting by David Freidman)

Blessed are You, Hashem, who returns souls to lifeless bodies.

It is a tremendous wonder that specifically through sleep, which is the Side of Death, one’s strength, soul, mind, and vitality are renewed.  Here, we are able to see that Hashem’s glory fills the entire world, for even through the Side of Death itself there is an aspect of life, Godliness, and Holy Intellect.  Therefore, our sages have said that through this we learn to believe in the truth of the Resurrection .  

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Siach Sarfei Kodesh Sunday: A Segulah For Pregnancy

שיח שרפי קודש ד-קעו

(Painting by Paulo Zubato)

The Breslover chassidim in Poland had a custom to place a copy of Likutei Moharan under the pillows of women who had difficulty giving birth, and they witnessed many miracles by doing this.  It was also known that many barren women were able to conceive with the help of Heaven after reading Rebbe Nachman's stories.

This segulah is mentioned in Chayei Moharan 25:
After giving the lesson "Rabbi Shimon began," in Likutei Moharan I 60 the Rebbe said humorously, "Today I have said three things contrary to what people usually say.  People say stories help you go to sleep.  But, I said that through stories it is possible to rouse men from their sleep.  People say talk will not make someone pregnant.  But, I said that the conversations of the Tzaddik and his stories, which rouse men from their sleep, lead to God's remembering barren women.  People say the truly great Tzaddik does not need much money. What does he need it for?  But, I said there is a certain kind of contemplation, which requires all the riches in the world.