Sunday, July 29, 2012

Losing Jewish Children

ל"ה - הלכות פסח ז"ו

(Illustration by Sabina Saad)

We ought to be crying and screaming day and night.  We should be banging our heads against the wall.  We should cover ourselves with sackcloth and mourn over the disaster we are hearing about... Schools to teach Jewish children how to speak, act, and dress like non-Jews... Woe to us! We have been robbed! Woe to us!... We have seen how those who have grown up with such values turn into atheists... They desecrate Shabbos... They commit evil deeds...  Worse, they make a mockery of our entire Torah... We find ourselves in the very midst of the horrendous troubles foreseen by our prophets prior to the coming of Mashiach...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What To Do When Things Get Crazy

הלכות קריאת שמע א:א

(Painting by Marina Povalishina

It is exactly at the moment when darkness and judgement overcome a person - whether in spiritual or material matters - that he should close his eyes and surrender himself to the fact that everything is one and that everything is for his good.  By doing this a person eliminates all of his troubles.