Thursday, April 26, 2012

Out-of-Print Sifrei Breslov

There isn't much information about the seforim listed below other than the Zissil page that briefly mentions them and the brief descriptions on the bibliography page.  It's astounding how many out-of-print seforim are out there.  Most people have never seen them partly because no one ever thought they would be profitable to print and sell...
Most Breslov seforim I have seen from the early 1900s are copies of Sichos/Shivchei HaRan arranged in different orders.

Emunas Uman - A collection of about 42 letters shared between Breslov elders, and about 19 correspondences between Rabbeinu z"l and Reb Nosson not printed elsewhere.  First printed in 1966.

Neve Tzaddikim - Printed in 1969 by R' Nosson Tzvi Kenig z"l, compiler of Toras Nosson

Sha'aris Yisroel - I believe this was also published by R' Nosson Tzvi Kenig.

Renat Tzion - A commentary on Likutei Moharan published in 1975.

Sha'aris Ya'akov

Ohr Tzaddikim - A collection of letters shared between Breslov elders in Poland.  Published in 1972.

Niemos Netzach - Collection of letters from Breslov elders compiled by R' Nosson Tzvi Kenig.  

Any thoughts?


  1. These are all seforim from R' Nosson Tzvi Kenig. The family doesn't want an outsider to reprint them.

    1. Are they short on funds to reprint?

    2. As I understood there was s/o who wanted to reprint and the family said no. I would imagine that it had to do with money. Why don't you contact them? It's been out of print for quite a number of years. In addition there are more seforim they have than the ones you listed.

    3. Do you know how to get in touch with them? Can you name the other seforim?