Saturday, December 22, 2012

168th Yartzheit of Reb Nosson zt"l

פרפראות לחכמה סא: ח

Reb Nosson's passing was directly connected to the three tragedies that took place in Teves.  Ezra was a scribe: he spread Torah among the Jews.  Reb Nosson was Rebbe Nachman's scribe - he was the only one of his followers who worked constantly to spread his teachings as widely as possible.  Even people who never met the Rebbe are aroused to serve Hashem through his writings all because of Reb Nosson.

With the passing of the scribe there is a reduction in the spreading of Torah, as manifested in the translation of the Torah into Greek (which obscured the deeper meaning of the Hebrew text).  This corresponds to the imposition of secular studies and atheism on the Jews in our times.

Heresy leads to the siege of Jerusalem and exile, corresponding to the infamous Russian Pale of Settlement and the mass migrations of Eastern European Jewry, which began around Reb Nosson's passing.  Not for nothing did Reb Nosson mention these three tragedies and exhort his followers to "be strong with money, willpower, and effort," and make sure to spread the Rebbe's teachings.

שיח שרפי קודש קס"ח

Before his passing, Reb Nosson spoke about the "three laws," with the Breslover Chassidim should observe.  They must:

  1. Go to Uman for Rosh Hashannah
  2. Study the Shulchan Aruch every day
  3. Practice hisbodedus every day

שיח שרפי קודש תרנ"ה

Reb Naftali, who was in Uman, already knew that Reb Nosson had passed away.  When asked how he knew, Reb Naftali answered, "I had a dream in which I saw Reb Nosson running quickly,  I said 'Reb Nosson! Where are you running?' 'Me?' he said.  'Straight to the Rebbe!' "

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