Saturday, October 13, 2012

Everything is Truth

ל"ה - הלכות גניבה ה:ט

(Painting by Dena Ackerman)

Truth for one person may not be the truth for another; what is happening to a person at a given moment is not happening to any other person.  For instance, at a set time one person may need to strengthen himself in Torah and his worship while another person may need to increase the tzedakah that he gives - that is that different people are involved in completely different mitzvos.  Similarly, each and every person is attending to many different things during the day.  At a particular moment one may be davening.  At another moment he is learning, working, eating, speaking, or an infinite number of other activities.

And, the main thing is that during every single moment - through whatever a person occupies himself at that time or whatever occurs to him - everything is complete truth as it relates to that individual.  Though it is impossible to elaborate, one who desires truth will understand on his own.

The rule is that there is never a time when a person cannot enlighten and inspire himself through the truth found in a given situation despite the darkness that may surround him, because everything is from Hashem.  And, this is exactly what Dovid HaMelech asked from Hashem, "Guide me in Your Truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation.  For You I wait all day." (Psalms 2:5) Specifically, all the hours of the day from the beginning until the end I wait for you to guide me in Your Truth and teach me.  There is undoubtedly truth found in every single hour of the day that can enlighten and inspire a person to escape the darkness to a very great light.

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