Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Distinguishing Between One's Good and Bad Points

ל"ה - הלכות השכמת הבקר א:יא

All the blessings that are said during birkas hashachar hint to the concept of finding the good points within oneself.  We praise Hashem and request that He help us find within ourselves these good points in order to awaken us from our spiritual sleep and downfall.  This corresponds to the blessing, "Who gives the rooster the ability to distinguish between night and day."  One's good points parallel the 'day', and his bad points corresponds to nighttime and darkness.  By finding the good points within oneself we separate the bad and thus distinguish between the day and the night.

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  1. That would be hard...I've never been out west but I've seen enough to know that it would be hard to be stuck indoors while the splendour of the city beckoned from the outside..Just like on the latest news now a days. Being Right Means Knowing When You’re Not Right Anymore and certainly choosing the lesser evil.