Monday, January 31, 2011

What We Will Soon Be Learning In Yeshiva

ליקוטי הלכות: הלכות הפקר ונכנסי הגר, הלכה ד:לב

In the future there will be completely holy yeshivot that will teach the study of holy emunah, which is an aspect of "I will yet again make make you dwell in tents, as in the days of the appointed season" (Hoshea 12:10).  Rashi comments on this pasuk and says that the days of the appointed season refer to the days when Yaakov Avinu sat in the tent (his yeshiva).  And Yaakov's whole yeshiva that learned with his sons and students, just as our Rebbeim z"l have said, learned only about holy emunah.  This is because the mitzvot were not yet given, and the focus of their learning was on the point of holy emunah in order to nullify all of the idolatry and heretical teachings and to continue and to plant and to establish in everyone's heart a complete and holy emunah.


  1. I realize that you look to have short Dvar Torahs here for easy reading. But it is most worthy to note that continuing on in this same paragraph in Likutei Halachos, it mentions that the Masechta of Avoda Zara that Avrohom Ovinu compiled consisted of 456 chapters (unlike today's Masechta of Avoda Zara in the Mishna which consists of five chapters). Why 456 chapters? It is hardly coincidental that the name of Rabbeinu's main work Likutei Moharan is the Gematria of the same number - 456. Indeed, Yaacov's Yeshiva, Avrohom Ovinu's Torah & Rabbeinu's Torah have the same goals - eradicating heretical ideas and instilling full faith in Hashem. And as we learn many times in the Gemoro - Tonu Rabbonon - "Our Rabbis have taught us..." The word Tonu (taught us) spells the Hebrew number 456. It seems that the Gemoro is teaching us that we can only have full faith in Hashem if we also have full faith in the Tzadikim who teach us Torah, as the Torah tells us Va'Ya'aminu B'Hashem U'Ve'Moshe Avdo - "They (the Jews) believed in Hashem & in Moshe His servant". Keep up the good work - Yishar Koach!

  2. Thanks for the coment, shimon.
    It's appropriate that you mention Avraham's masechta after the reading of Parshas Teruma this past Shabbos. Chazal have stated that this masechta on Avodah Zara wasn't just stam a sefer about looking out for spooky idolatry. I wish I could remember where I read this, but supposedly Avraham's Torah was about eradicating the Avodah Zara from within. Self worship is the worst Avodah Zara. And, aside from serving as a Kapara for the chet haegel, the mishkan also encouraged Bnei Israel to open up a space for Hashem within themselves. Only people who DESIRED to give to the mishkan, a place for Hashem to dwell, could do so. The contributions of anyone who had reservations were not welcome. What the mishkan effectively tried to accopmplish was to push every Yid to make himself into a Mishkan, thereby eradicating any type of Avoda Zara of the self.

    Gut Voch!